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Do Millennial entrepreneurs think differently about business?

It is of course not a requirement for any business visionary to demand that his or her commercial creation change the world in some positive way. Legions of entrepreneurs engaged in start-up enterprises, as well as more established business owners, are driven largely – or even solely motivated – by a profit-focused mindset.

Having said that, though, some empirical evidence has emerged in recent years to strongly suggest that America’s Millennial generation (young 20s through mid-30s is a loose approximation for that group) want something more from business than, well, business.

Indeed, a researcher involved in one recent study focus on small business creation in the United States points to findings that support that. He notes the insistence of many young entrepreneurs that their ventures “must have an impact on society and … value beyond simply providing a living.”

Such a mindset bodes well for America’s business dynamism and continued company growth that supports broad-based prosperity. Legions of young and smart people wanting to make a difference in society are focusing on merit-based business opportunities and reportedly willing to take a chance.

And, as the above-cited researcher notes, many of those would-be and actual business creators now believe that starting a small business “may actually be less risky in some ways than having a traditional career.”

Such thinking on a large scale among a young and creative demographic could appreciably drive American business growth in the future.

And that would of course be a most welcome development for the country. Reportedly, the millions of already operative small companies across the U.S. account for about half of the country’s gross domestic product. A business renaissance authored by a new generation of youthful entrepreneurs could materially spike further growth.

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