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Some hard numbers to rebut reports of retail industry demise

Legions of entrepreneurs and other capable and competitive individuals across the United States are innately attracted to the business world. That realm is singularly exciting and a magnet that beckons talent drawn by the bracing challenges and opportunities it presents.

It is also not for the weak, a point we overtly stress on our website at the Northern Virginia business law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine. We note therein that, "Business law matters can be extremely complex, and the mishandling of even the smallest detail can create significant risk for you and your company."

Company principals in businesses of every size and type intimately know that and must make unceasing efforts to stay ahead of their rivals.

Recent national reports spotlighting mega-retailer Macy's readily underscore that. The company just released its first-quarter sales report for 2018, which reveals several key points relevant to the country's retail sector.

Here is a foremost takeaway: the sector is under continuous and relentless pressure from online retailers (read Amazon especially). As one media publication notes, high numbers of buyers have literally walked away from mall-based department stores in recent years. They are attracted to the enhanced convenience marked by merchandize ordered from their computers or smartphones and "brought to their front door."

Another Macy's report takeaway is this: the company is fighting back with apparent success, adopting new technology-focused strategies aimed at increasing shopping fun and engagement for consumers. Macy's tactics (including the increased use of smartphones to scan and pay for products, the rollout of outlets offering so-called "off price" goods, and virtual reality in-store experiences) have brought results. Reportedly, company sales have surged by more than 4% so far in 2018.

Company principals reasonably rely upon proven and proactive legal guidance in managing their enterprises. Proven business law attorneys can help them respond smartly to challenges and exploit new opportunities.

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