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2018 shaping up as busy year from a business regulation standpoint

The business world is obviously a realm that wards off the faint of heart. Many smart entrepreneurs obviously prosper mightily through sound planning and application, but they must anticipate and effectively deal with material challenges virtually every step of the way.

The American commercial sector is wondrously complex. Moreover, that complexity is further and routinely added to by a close and evolving interplay of municipal, state and federal laws. It is just a flat imperative for any company principal to both foresee and proactively stay on top of the changes.

That is obviously easier said than simply done. Employers across many industries must deal daily with weighty tax matters and fundamental concerns regarding company formation and organization. Questions routinely arise on the wage front (raises, bonuses, overtime and so forth) and concerning employee-linked health-care matters. Issues relating to immigration compliance are currently front-and-center points of concern for employers to a degree never before realized.

And, of course, the employment landscape -- from hiring considerations and performance matters to leave policies, complaints, termination issues and more -- is a universe that is uniquely complex and challenging.

Some business pundits who duly note that every new year brings a full plate of both opportunities and obstacles for businesses from the Washington, D.C., metro area to California additionally advise that 2018 might be singular in that regard. One recent business publication stresses that "it's difficult to know where regulations stand now and how they may change moving forward."

We'll take a closer look at that in our next blog post.

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