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Message: Your employee handbook is seeking some attention.

Many seasoned employment law attorneys who help business principals proactively and successfully deal with workplace challenges inevitability use the word "complex" when talk turns to employment-related matters.

Indeed, we do on our website at the Reston-based commercial law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine, LLP. In fact, we note therein that employers' interactions and disputes with workers are often "extremely complex."

And not only that: They encompass subject matter that spans truly broad terrain. Our firm assists valued and diverse clientele on matters ranging from discrimination claims and FLSA issues to intellectual property protection and contract drafting/enforcement.

Legal advocacy in employment matters is often marked by responsive action to a worker's charge that an employer has engaged in wrongdoing that violates some federal and/or state law.

Such advocacy is also -- and importantly -- sometimes predictive and proactive, that is, undertaken in an effort to identify legal concerns and adequately address them ahead of time with an eye on reducing an employer's legal risk and liability.

That is certainly true when proven commercial attorneys work closely with business clients to timely update their employee handbooks. Those customarily detailed documents serve as primers on workplace norms, interactions and how-to checklists for dealing with important company matters. Given that, notes a recent article on handbook issues likely to arise in 2018, "handbooks should be reviewed regularly to ensure compliance with ever-changing workplace law."

Many business commentators suggest that the current year could spell a period of frenetic drafting and legal enactment by state and municipal bodies focusing upon labor law matters. Some of the topics spotlighted for treatment include mandatory company training to address sexual harassment and expansion of parental leave laws.

Employee handbooks need to anticipate and adequately address such matters to be effective and legally protective of employers. An experienced employment law attorney can help with that objective.

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