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Opinion: 2018 could be a rocket launch for American business growth

Predictions regarding the upcoming months are about as common this time each year as are resolutions. We pass along a few in today's post that were recently made in one business article.

This one will get things started: 2018 could be a firecracker of a year for American business transactions.

And here's another to buttress that projection: As compared with this year, 2018 will bring an "astonishing" expansion in merger-acquisition activity across the country.

If all that sounds decidedly optimistic and perhaps even untenable, rest assured that there is ample empirical evidence to support the claims.

Among other things, there is clearly a growing global confidence on display concerning markets and increased commercial activity. And as the above-cited article stresses, "business and investor confidence has increased significantly" as a result.

That is perhaps nowhere more apparent than in the United States, where the nation's stock market indexes have soared to new levels repeatedly throughout 2017. Inflation is also low across the country. Low interest rates encourage borrowing, unemployment has bottomed out and hiring trends have been positive.

And then there's this, of course: the prospect of material tax reform -- especially lowered business tax rates that industry analysts say will absolutely spur growth -- now seems a likely reality. In fact, a vote that could confirm it is expected on Capitol Hill within the week.

Reportedly, many business sources project the money value of commercial transactions nationally to increase by about $200 billion next year as compared with 2017.

Comparatively diverse commercial centers like the Washington, D.C. metro area would reasonably expect to be especially vibrant and busy in any such expansionary environment.

Hopefully the projections are realized, especially for small businesses, which the aforementioned business piece states are "bullish on the prospects of a strong M&A market."

Happy holidays to all our readers and valued clients.

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