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Government contracts: a world unto themselves

There are contracts and, well, there are government contracts.

And for business principals who have never been involved in the government contracting process (state or federal, and especially the latter), there is often an inclination to underestimate the singular complexities and challenges that can come from dealing with a government agency in a business matter.

Not adequately appreciating or preparing for the special terrain that surrounds the government contracting world can be fatal for any business entity seeking to commercially connect with that universe.

There is special terminology. Process steps often rigidly apply. Strict time considerations are frequently in place.

In fact, and as noted in one close online focus on government contracting, would-be business participants "face rules and regulations in virtually every aspect of making, performing and eventually terminating a contract" with a government entity.

To the victors go the spoils, which can be appreciable and recurring, given that businesses well versed in dealing with government bodies become progressively more adept at doing so.

Candidly, novices need help, which is noted in the above-cited overview owing to the "immense, complex and constantly changing" nature of government contracts.

Some select firms specialize in this singular practice area, with the Washington, D.C., commercial law firm David, Brody & Dondershine, LLP, being one of them.

As we duly note on our website, our attorneys represent local and national clients "in every aspect of government contract matters."

Specifically, our representation spans matters ranging broadly from contract negotiations/drafting and corporate compliance review to filing bid protests and litigating forcefully before federal courts and agencies.

We invite your close scrutiny of our firm, and welcome the opportunity to promote your best interests in a government contract matter or any other business endeavor.

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