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Technology licensing issues of key importance to many companies

It is certainly true, of course, that many businesses in the Washington, D.C., metro area and elsewhere across the country don't have a top-tier tech component inherent in their operations.

That is, they aren't routinely focused upon developing, managing, selling and/or borrowing new technologies to promote their business plans and corporate vision.

It is equally true, though, and with increasing frequency in a 21st-century world marked by progressive leaps in technological know-how, that just as many -- in fact, far more -- commercial enterprises are centrally preoccupied with tech-related matters, all the time.

That being said, it is also true that tech-savvy businesses that keenly appreciate the core contributions made to their operations by cutting-edge technologies fully appreciate the need to safeguard their intellectual property and to avoid infringement claims when they use proprietary technologies developed by others.

The lawyers at the D.C., metro area law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine, LLP, help diverse business clients focus upon and duly protect their technology-related commercial interests across all relevant concerns.

In some instances, that can centrally require our proven input on helping a client ensure that its internally created and owned technologies are not harmed through unlawful third-party infringement. We routinely help companies that rely upon us negotiate and reach fair terms in license transfer agreements that qualify third-party use and provide fair compensation.

And we are equally zealous in representation focused upon our clients' rights and prerogatives when they are licensees negotiating material terms and conditions in a technological agreement, or when they are seeking to smartly implement a technology purchasing program. Our advocacy is truly broad-based and additionally informed by the ability to timely and aggressively seek best-case outcomes through litigation when that strategy is reasonably called for.

Technology -- both its development and use -- is increasingly important in American businesses at a fundamental level. Experienced business attorneys can help protect the interests of commercial clients concerning any tech-related issue.

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