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Report: D.C. area a Mecca for starting, growing businesses

Are you a business-savvy individual brimming with creative talents and energies that you seek to apply on behalf of a new enterprise in an area that will dynamically and persistently foster growth?

If that defines you, and perhaps an impressive team of like-minded others who work collectively with you, there is a locale that is perhaps just right for nurturing your ideas and promoting a salutary bottom line for the goods or services you offer.

And it is right here, in and around various environs that mark the Washington, D.C., landscape.

"The D.C. metro region is one of the hottest spots in the country for launching a business," states a recent media article discussing the central findings of a report issued by an entrepreneurial-focused research group.

And, notes the Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship, the reasons underlying the area's dynamism are both myriad and diverse.

Here's one: Inner D.C. suburban counties -- Kauffman's report makes specific reference to Montgomery County -- are home to one of the nation's most educated and eclectic pools of employee talent. Reportedly, close to 60% of all workers in Montgomery County, for example have at least a bachelor's degree. That comprises an obviously formidable work force for employers to draw upon.

And here's another: Location, location … well, you get the point. The aforementioned article notes the region's "incredible connectivity with three international airports," as well as the high number of federal agencies that exist in the D.C. area and allow business-linkage opportunities of nearly incalculable scope to new enterprises.

There are a host of other reasons, too, why business principals might reasonably want to closely investigate the D.C. metro region for opportunities and powerful growth prospects. Proven business and commercial attorneys from a well-established area law firm can provide guidance and legal advocacy geared toward promoting business success.

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