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August 2017 Archives

New Balance execs clearly buoyed by Chinese trademark win

Imagine the sheer consternation of company executives from the global athletic shoe manufacturer New Balance a couple years ago when they were slapped with a $16 million fine by a Chinese court in a trademark infringement complaint the company had filed -- against a business rival that had clearly misappropriated the company's long-existing and instantly recognizable "N" shoe logo.

Help me get started and maybe I'll be the next Bill Gates: survey

When it comes to looking at a reasonably good-looking hand and being poised at that precipice between further vacillation and decisive action, many Americans will unhesitatingly bet their cards on purposeful change.

What information and mindset you have when starting a business can matter greatly

The things an entrepreneur does as their business is just starting off sets the tone for their company. Getting things off on the right foot can be key for a new business. So, the information and mindset an entrepreneur has as they are launching their new company can be very impactful.

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