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Takeaways in recent employment discrimination case

Diverse businesses in the Washington, D.C., metro area and all across the country face a constant barrage of legal and regulatory hoops and hurdles as they seek to thrive and make a profit.

That is no surprise, of course. Corporate America can make for a Darwinian environment, with successful enterprises necessarily overcoming material challenges that routinely arise and demand smart and proactive responses.

Sometimes it is hard for even the most forward-thinking and well-managed companies to stay ahead of the proverbial curve regarding all potential and actual business risks, though, notwithstanding their best efforts to do so.

Employment-related matters strongly attest to that, with issues cropping up in that realm frequently posing stark problems and clear downsides for business owners and managers. We note on an employment and labor law page of our website at David, Body & Dondershine, LLP, the detriment that company principals can face from a prospective or current employee alleging discrimination or other bad-faith conduct in violation of state and/or federal laws. Such allegations, we note, can make for "extremely complex legal matters."

Evidence of that was clearly on display in recent reports concerning an employment law case outside Connecticut. That matter involved the rescinding of a job offer to an individual who informed a company official after the interview process and offer that she was pregnant. The reason for the company's sudden reversal was evidenced in an email communication to the woman stating that the business had "a very urgent need to have somebody in this position long-term."

That disclosure was manifestly a red flag for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which filed a lawsuit on the woman's behalf. The company ultimately settled the litigation recently by agreeing to pay a sizable fine and implement a new training process and program aimed at educating workers about discrimination bias and eliminating it at the workplace.

Even companies with no discriminatory intent can find themselves confronting legal challenges for alleged acts and policies that foster or otherwise promote discriminatory practices. A seasoned legal team of proven employment law attorneys can provide sound counsel -- and, when necessary, diligent legal representation -- in any matter involving employment law and company-worker interactions.

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