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Key to both entrepreneurs, established businesses: IP protection

If you are part of an entrepreneurial team that is poised to launch an exciting new business or, conversely, a principal with a well-established commercial enterprise, much of your soon-to-be or already proven success likely owes to creative energies and ideas that readily differentiate you from competitors.

That collective spark and drive is a priceless asset that centrally informs your products and services and helps ensure business success into the future.

It also elicits the strong scrutiny and interest of rivals, many of whom might not be averse at all to raiding your stockpile of enviable processes, technologies, company identifiers and other attributes in order to better compete with you and enrich themselves.

That hard-edged business reality is simply a commonplace, and it needs to be protected against.

We prominently note on a relevant page of our metro D.C.-based business law firm at David, Brody & Dondershine, LLP, that staunch protection of intellectual property across its entire spectrum is "critical to the success of a business."

As a business executive or manager, you flatly know that to be true, well appreciating the material downsides immediately linked with a competitor's unlawful infringement of a widely known company trademark or a patented process. When a business foe steals trade secrets, violates the terms of a technology licensing agreement or tarnishes your company's good name by selling inferior products that the public mistakenly associates with you, your business can be significantly damaged.

Timely and proactive steps -- coupled with focused follow-up and, when necessary, a strong legal response -- can go far toward protecting your company's vitally important intellectual property and deterring unscrupulous third parties that seek to misappropriate it.

Our attorneys routinely play a central role in helping diverse business clients promote those core objectives, with our partners collectively commanding many decades of on-point experience in the singularly important and complex area of intellectual property law.

We welcome contacts to our firm and the opportunity to advocate aggressively on behalf of clients that need our help in IP-related matters.

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