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Green light to combat red tape: focus on reined-in business rules

Every business across the United States wants to be lean, taut and always poised for new growth.

Put another way: No commercial enterprise in Northern Virginia, Maryland, the Washington, D.C. metro area or anywhere else in the country wants to feel bloated and circumscribed in its ability to expand and profit because of red tape that straitjackets corporate opportunities.

Achieving business success in America is, well, hard business, in every instance and without regard to the added challenges and exactions posed by regulatory hurdles.

We note that explicitly on our website at the proven commercial law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine, LLP, in Fairfax County. We point out therein that, "Business law matters can be extremely complex, and the mishandling of even the smallest detail can create significant risk for you and your company."

A recent national media report on business challenges and hurdles notes the view of many economists that eliminating the red tape that is attendant with infusions of new regulatory laws is of paramount importance for business growth. Cutting back on needless rules and enactments, they say, is "potentially the most powerful agent for revving up the sluggish pace of business investment and overall productivity."

Where to draw the line has always been the key question concerning regulatory input. Too many hoops and hurdles unquestionably smother business growth and opportunity. And a paucity of regulation in areas where government input is unquestionably needed -- in areas like the environment and workplace conditions, for example -- can harm the public interest in important matters.

The aforementioned media article discusses the potential for some material regulatory cuts in the proverbial red tape that could be on the horizon now that a manifestly pro-business administration has taken power in Washington, D.C.

Developments on that front will necessarily play out over time, given that the American political process is every bit as complex as the plethora of regulations that American businesses routinely deal with across a wide universe of considerations.

Our law firm understands the many and gripping challenges that business principals face, as well as the risks involved with their decision making. We routinely bring our professional experience and acumen to bear on their behalf as they seek to exploit business opportunities and forge optimal outcomes that enable their enterprises to overcome challenges and prosper.

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