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Apple settles patent dispute with “comprehensive licensing agreement”

Protecting a business’ intellectual property rights is important to ensure that competing businesses are not allowed to profit on other companies’ hard work and innovation.  Part of this is securing the intellectual property rights appropriate to each product, such as copyrights, patents and trademarks, and part of it involves enforcing those rights, as well as trade secret rights, in court.

Technology companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Apple have to constantly be on the ball to both protect their rights and avoid infringing upon the intellectual property rights of other companies. For example, just last week Apple settled a patent dispute with a Swiss digital TV security company Kudelski. 

The dispute was apparently related to patent rights Kudelski has in connection to video streamlining features for devices sold in Germany. Kudelski had accused of violating those rights with Apple TV. A German court ruled against apple in 2014. Apple had apparently challenged the validity of the patents claimed by the Swiss company, and expects rulings in October and September, but the company apparently decided it was best to settle the dispute.

Though the details of the settlement have not been made publicly known, Kudelski has stated that the settlement includes Apple’s promise to enter into a “comprehensive patent license agreement” which would put an end to litigation between the two companies.

Managing intellectual property rights is not something businesses should do on their own, but with the guidance and advocacy of an experienced business law attorney. Companies who seek help from our firm can be sure that their rights and interests will be given the time, attention and advocacy that they deserve, both in and out of court.

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