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What does business-linked legal tax planning entail?

Here’s a quick – and we think definitive – answer to today’s above-posed blog post query: lots.

When it comes to business matters that preoccupy entrepreneurs and established commercial principals, tax considerations are unquestionably on the short list of top-tier concerns.

What is a partnership subscription agreement?

We note at the Northern Virginia law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine that our seasoned attorneys “provide comprehensive corporate law and business formation services.”

We know that covers a lot of ground. Our website page addressing the firm’s commercial law advocacy provides a partial list of the types of things we do to promote our valued clients’ interests. Our representation spans matters ranging from entity formation and contract negotiation to employer/worker interactions and financing.

Technology licensing protections key for both licensors, licensees

Intellectual property in a business context is an apex concern for most entrepreneurs and established commercial principals, for obvious reasons.

For starters, and as we note on our business law website at the metro Washington, D.C., law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine, "Developing and perfecting new technology takes an incredible amount of time and resources."

New age-bias lawsuit instructive in its details

There is unquestionably much about business that is complicated, with one outsized challenge being continually spotlighted by the nuances of employer/worker relations and interactions.

We duly note on our business law website at the solidly established Washington, D.C. metro law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine that issues involving employees “can be extremely complex legal matters.”

Publicly traded companies on the decline

A successful business is one that understands its role today and its future growth. Even if a business is similar in nature to its competitors, it has its own business plan and a business model chosen to fit those ambitions. Depending on size and services, popular choices are limited liability companies, partnerships and incorporation.

A key decision for corporations is whether or not to go public. Digital entities like Facebook and Twitter made waves in recent years by offering stocks to the general trading public, and speculation is that Uber and Airbnb will in the future. While public trading offers an air of legitimacy and incentive for investment, the number of publicly traded companies is declining.

Do Millennial entrepreneurs think differently about business?

It is of course not a requirement for any business visionary to demand that his or her commercial creation change the world in some positive way. Legions of entrepreneurs engaged in start-up enterprises, as well as more established business owners, are driven largely – or even solely motivated – by a profit-focused mindset.

Having said that, though, some empirical evidence has emerged in recent years to strongly suggest that America’s Millennial generation (young 20s through mid-30s is a loose approximation for that group) want something more from business than, well, business.

Some hard numbers to rebut reports of retail industry demise

Legions of entrepreneurs and other capable and competitive individuals across the United States are innately attracted to the business world. That realm is singularly exciting and a magnet that beckons talent drawn by the bracing challenges and opportunities it presents.

It is also not for the weak, a point we overtly stress on our website at the Northern Virginia business law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine. We note therein that, "Business law matters can be extremely complex, and the mishandling of even the smallest detail can create significant risk for you and your company."

Exploring funding options if you’re a business owner

If you’re a would-be or fledgling business owner, you’ve got dreams you want to fulfill. If your commercial entity is already an established enterprise, conversely, you’ve got continuing needs – inventory, expansion, new equipment, additional hires – that command your attention.

You need money to follow through on those things, obviously, and it can often be a bit of a challenge to get it. A recent article on business financing options notes that “bringing [an entrepreneurial] dream to fruition can be expensive, and finding business financing can be difficult.”

Employment matters: complex, critically important for any business

People-centric issues tend to be complex, especially in a business context.

Company principals routinely acknowledge that and hardly consider it surprising. Employer-worker interactions define a business at its core and determine whether an enterprise will ultimately be successful or fail.

For some businesses, literally a million dollar question

An arbitration-only stance assumed by a commercial entity might serve it well in a given instance, but almost certainly not over the long run.

There's an inverse proposition to that as well, of course. A company intent on taking every contractual dispute straight to court pursuant to a scorched-earth policy is bound to get burned at some point.

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