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Some hard numbers to rebut reports of retail industry demise

Legions of entrepreneurs and other capable and competitive individuals across the United States are innately attracted to the business world. That realm is singularly exciting and a magnet that beckons talent drawn by the bracing challenges and opportunities it presents.

It is also not for the weak, a point we overtly stress on our website at the Northern Virginia business law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine. We note therein that, "Business law matters can be extremely complex, and the mishandling of even the smallest detail can create significant risk for you and your company."

Exploring funding options if you’re a business owner

If you’re a would-be or fledgling business owner, you’ve got dreams you want to fulfill. If your commercial entity is already an established enterprise, conversely, you’ve got continuing needs – inventory, expansion, new equipment, additional hires – that command your attention.

You need money to follow through on those things, obviously, and it can often be a bit of a challenge to get it. A recent article on business financing options notes that “bringing [an entrepreneurial] dream to fruition can be expensive, and finding business financing can be difficult.”

Employment matters: complex, critically important for any business

People-centric issues tend to be complex, especially in a business context.

Company principals routinely acknowledge that and hardly consider it surprising. Employer-worker interactions define a business at its core and determine whether an enterprise will ultimately be successful or fail.

For some businesses, literally a million dollar question

An arbitration-only stance assumed by a commercial entity might serve it well in a given instance, but almost certainly not over the long run.

There's an inverse proposition to that as well, of course. A company intent on taking every contractual dispute straight to court pursuant to a scorched-earth policy is bound to get burned at some point.

IRS cites looming deadline re offshore tax reporting program

Both fledgling businesses and established enterprises across the Washington, D.C., metro area deal with multiple and highly varied tax concerns virtually every day and throughout their existence. We centrally note many of them on our website at the experienced commercial law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine, LLP, in Fairfax. They include these considerations:

  • Tax-linked matters closely linked with the structuring of complex transactions
  • Tax-deferral tactics and strategies
  • Tax issues relevant to business formation and routine operations
  • Dispute resolution involving the IRS

Arbitration in sexual harassment claims under a critical spotlight

It is certainly important for a law firm retained by a commercial entity to be trial-hardened and always ready to take an employment law matter to court should other dispute resolution methods be unavailing.

That is true concerning virtually every type of employer-worker conflict that can arise in the workplace. Litigation acumen can materially influence results in matters ranging from wage/hour issues and intellectual property protection to termination disputes, discrimination claims and more.

Notable regulatory business climate in 2018, say pundits, Part 2

A recent Accounting Today spotlighting of America's contemporary business universe expresses overall optimism. It additionally cites numerous opportunities that seem to reasonably beckon for many enterprises.

At the same, time, though, it adds a caveat grounded in uncertainty that counsels sober thought on the part of company principals and entrepreneurs. The piece states that those individuals -- especially small business owners -- need to be especially prudent in 2018 owing to an "ever-changing regulatory landscape."

2018 shaping up as busy year from a business regulation standpoint

The business world is obviously a realm that wards off the faint of heart. Many smart entrepreneurs obviously prosper mightily through sound planning and application, but they must anticipate and effectively deal with material challenges virtually every step of the way.

The American commercial sector is wondrously complex. Moreover, that complexity is further and routinely added to by a close and evolving interplay of municipal, state and federal laws. It is just a flat imperative for any company principal to both foresee and proactively stay on top of the changes.

Business owners eye new tax changes as 2018 progresses

"[P]ennies add up."

Although that perhaps sounds like an adage uttered by Benjamin Franklin, it is actually a base economic reality delivered recently by the owner of a small business. That individual is enthused thus far in 2018 by recently delivered federal tax cuts that he says are empowering him to make some growth-linked decisions that he previously could not.

Message: Your employee handbook is seeking some attention.

Many seasoned employment law attorneys who help business principals proactively and successfully deal with workplace challenges inevitability use the word "complex" when talk turns to employment-related matters.

Indeed, we do on our website at the Reston-based commercial law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine, LLP. In fact, we note therein that employers' interactions and disputes with workers are often "extremely complex."

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