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Successful business succession planning: it doesn't happen overnight

Have you ever heard of a situation -- seen a movie, perhaps? -- where on a given day a business owner simply walks up to a hard-working and dedicated employee and figuratively hands over the keys of the company to that individual, deigning him or her the optimal choice to lead the organization forward?

You might have. Movies regularly churn out feel-good fare along that line.

Tips for choosing a business structure that suits your needs

Choosing a legal business structure is a big decision. Different entities may result in different liability exposure and tax implications. There are four main types of business structures: sole proprietorships, C-corporations, S-corporations, and limited liability companies, or LLCs.

A common starting point for a startup is a sole proprietorship. This business form presents the least administrative work, primarily because there is not much distinction between the owner and the business. The IRS, as well as any creditors, will generally impute any business debts, income from any business profits, and tax obligations for business operations directly to the owner. However, when business operations expose the owner to potential liability, it may be time to choose another structure.

Current administration push emphasizes increased LLC presence

Some business law firms focus narrowly on a so-called "niche" area of law applicable to a select clientele.

Conversely, David, Brody & Dondershine, LLP, provides a broader-based representation for diverse business actors across the Washington, D.C. metro area, Northern Virginia, Maryland and additional locales.

Key to both entrepreneurs, established businesses: IP protection

If you are part of an entrepreneurial team that is poised to launch an exciting new business or, conversely, a principal with a well-established commercial enterprise, much of your soon-to-be or already proven success likely owes to creative energies and ideas that readily differentiate you from competitors.

That collective spark and drive is a priceless asset that centrally informs your products and services and helps ensure business success into the future.

Judge: govt. regulation can't be unreasonable, without limits

"[S]ome precedent to push back."

That is truly what many companies across the country hope for as they deal in their capacity as federal contractors with production and related compliance demands from agencies with oversight and enforcement power over government contracts.

Why your business might want to revisit its drug-testing rules

At first glance, a recent business article discussing company drug-testing policies would seem to be squarely and narrowly focused upon enterprises in only one state, with scant relevance for companies operating across Northern Virginia, Maryland or the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

A closer look at the details noted in a recent focus on that subject in a national business publication reveals, though, that what is relevant in one state can be equally germane in a broad-based way all across the country.

Where tailoring, balancing is essential: restrictive covenants

If the workplace relationship is cast in terms of a roadway, it is most logically seen as a two-way street.

That is, its essential makeup comprises an employer and employees, each with patently distinct objectives yet simultaneously motivated by similar goals. Both sides of an employment relationship must adequately protect themselves and safeguard disparate interests, but each must also pay reasoned allegiance to fundamentally fair treatment of the other in a balanced manner that optimally promotes common profit.

The future of Dodd-Frank: currently it's hard to say

It is certainly safe to assume that executives of virtually every medium- to large-sized business operative across the United States are spending more than a modicum of thought these days contemplating the seminal Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation passed back in 2010.

As many of our readers likely well recollect, Dodd -Frank was served up as an ameliorative response to the massive economic crisis that beset the nation a couple years prior to that. The tough times were of sustained duration and came to be commonly called the Great Recession.

Company travel across state lines: some relevant considerations

Seasoned travelers in the Washington, D.C., metro area and across the rest of the country who have crossed state lines for years while conducting business operations on behalf of their employers likely remember a time when they didn't give much regard -- if any -- to the tax consequences entailed in that.

As noted in a recent Accounting today article, that time has passed.

Green light to combat red tape: focus on reined-in business rules

Every business across the United States wants to be lean, taut and always poised for new growth.

Put another way: No commercial enterprise in Northern Virginia, Maryland, the Washington, D.C. metro area or anywhere else in the country wants to feel bloated and circumscribed in its ability to expand and profit because of red tape that straitjackets corporate opportunities.

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