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Love, marriage & business interests: Tips to protect the company

Entrepreneurs work hard to get their business up and running. For those who find success, a number of steps can be taken to help better ensure their business interests are protected from various threats. Litigation resulting from an injury or contract issue are two examples, but business owners should also take steps to shelter their business interests from divorce.

Before the marriage: Steps to protect business

The pros and cons of employee stock ownership plans

Transferring business ownership is an emotional process, particularly when one’s family members have no interest in taking the reins. It’s not easy to sell the business to an unknown outside party who may not be as invested in its history and culture.

You could sell the business to an employee, but what if no single employee is interested or can finance ownership? Another option for some businesses is to sell ownership not just to one employee, but to all of them.

Smart tax planning a must for individuals, businesses and nonprofits

If you're an entrepreneur full of sound and forward-thinking business ideas, you might logically exude confidence regarding your future commercial prospects.

And yet you know that there are a lot of challenges and pitfalls out there, ranging broadly from shifting consumer trends, globally linked dislocations and changing government policies to property prices, staunch competition from rivals and a hundred other things.

Government contracts: a world unto themselves

There are contracts and, well, there are government contracts.

And for business principals who have never been involved in the government contracting process (state or federal, and especially the latter), there is often an inclination to underestimate the singular complexities and challenges that can come from dealing with a government agency in a business matter.

Promoting the upside, reducing risk: non-disclosure agreements

When it comes to a business enterprise's written contracts, it's all about promoting the upside and minimizing risks to safeguard against adverse outcomes.

And as for a proven attorney's role in effecting those aims, it is crystal clear and prominently stated on our website at the established Washington, D.C., metro business and commercial law firm of David, Brody & Dondershine, LLP.

New Balance execs clearly buoyed by Chinese trademark win

Imagine the sheer consternation of company executives from the global athletic shoe manufacturer New Balance a couple years ago when they were slapped with a $16 million fine by a Chinese court in a trademark infringement complaint the company had filed -- against a business rival that had clearly misappropriated the company's long-existing and instantly recognizable "N" shoe logo.

That upside-down world -- it's our mark, but you can seemingly steal it, make money and actually pad profits by being awarded damages when we complain about misappropriation -- has long plagued American companies operating in China.

Help me get started and maybe I'll be the next Bill Gates: survey

When it comes to looking at a reasonably good-looking hand and being poised at that precipice between further vacillation and decisive action, many Americans will unhesitatingly bet their cards on purposeful change.

Put another way: They'll take a chance on something new and embarking on a road of novel opportunity, especially in the business realm.

Technology licensing issues of key importance to many companies

It is certainly true, of course, that many businesses in the Washington, D.C., metro area and elsewhere across the country don't have a top-tier tech component inherent in their operations.

That is, they aren't routinely focused upon developing, managing, selling and/or borrowing new technologies to promote their business plans and corporate vision.

What information and mindset you have when starting a business can matter greatly

The things an entrepreneur does as their business is just starting off sets the tone for their company. Getting things off on the right foot can be key for a new business. So, the information and mindset an entrepreneur has as they are launching their new company can be very impactful.

Given this, there are a wide range of things a business owner may want to keep in mind during the startup process. For example, in a recent Entrepreneur article, an entrepreneur went over some things he wished he had known prior to starting his first business. This includes the importance of:

  • Setting goals and staying focused on them.
  • Being confident.
  • Not being discouraged by people saying it’s going to take awhile for the business to see success.
  • Reaching out for and being open to help.

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